Ever ask yourself, “How can I get more performance from my cutting tool?”

Sometimes it's by moving to a particular high performance geometry, offered as a standard by one of the cutting tool manufacturers. Sometimes, it's by using a different coating. But more often than not, performance can be significantly improved by tweaking the geometry to suit the particular application.

At Better Edge, we call that “optimizing the geometry.” If we know:

  • the kind of cut your taking (blind or through hole, a roughing cut, a finishing pass, etc.)
  • what depth of cut you're taking
  • the specific material and condition of workpiece (if it's stainless, what kind? If it's 4140, what hardness… be specific)
  • and what is most important to you in the outcome (maximum metal removal rate, higher surface finish, OR longest tool life) (keep in mind you can have more of one… but at the expense of the other two……)

We can make appropriate changes to the geometry of your tool and / or use a different coating to deliver the performance improvement you seek.

All cutting tool manufacturers produce their standard tools with some level of leeway or compromise in the geometry they design. They have to. They need many different customers, who use the tool in many different operations , so they can justify the quantities of inventory they have to carry. That means the tool might be designed to serve the operator doing a light finishing cut with a sloppy spindle AND the operator taking a heavy cut with a heavy duty spindle. Of course the tool will perform differently. But its basic design is more often made for both, than for one or the other.

When you use Better Edge to recondition your tools, you have an option of having us fine tune the geometry for your specific application. Just include a comment on the form you send with your tools that you want Enhanced Reconditioning Services and give us some details about the operation you want the cutter to perform. We’ll call you back and ask you the rest of what we’ll need and provide you a quote to do it.

Try us out. Our customers tell us they’ve been getting better than 30% improvement on productivity, when they use this unique service.

Can you use 30% improvement in performance from your tools?

Bit Reconditioning

Reconditioning custom designed tools is our specialty. We can also enhance performance results by modifying geometry to suit the particular material being machined. 

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