There is a big difference between regrinding and reconditioning. “Regrinding” is just sharpening a cutting edge. “Reconditioning” is repairing the geometry as close as possible to it's original specifications. Effective reconditioning takes knowhow, experience and even the original manufacturer's training & certification. We have and do what it takes - everyday!

Authorized Reconditioning Service
Before and After Reconditioning

Standard Reconditioning

Restores the tool to its original manufactured specifications and includes re-coating the tool with the appropriate PVD coating.

When providing standard reconditioning services, we re-coat the tool with the same type of coating the tool came to us with. We also provide tool coating services for the following PVD coatings:

  • TiN
  • TiAIN
  • AITiN
  • TiB2
  • Kabrlyn PVD Coatings

Enhanced Reconditioning

In addition to basic restoration, we modify the geometry to improve the tool's performance within a specific application. To do this we will need to know the material being machined, the type of operation and the desired improvement (higher metal removal rate, longer tool life, better surface finish). We would then advise the changes we'd recommend before proceeding.

Tool Modification

Adding a corner radius, a shank flat, or neck clearance relief, reworking an end gash, or reducing the cutting diameter or length of cut. This kind of work can be done to new or used tools.